Top 10 Best high chair for baby Review with Instructions for use

best high chair for baby

It is always a mess when a baby has his meal. They are fully busy eating, throwing food and messing with them. But you will notice one thing; they all have a high best high chair for baby where they sit for their food.

It is not easy for them, and the parents to keep them on their chairs. A high chair is a right place, from where they cannot run and cannot scatter food all over the home. So, you need one for your baby right now.

Research has shown that these types of chairs create joy and interest in children’s eating. As a result, your child begins to eat food and gradually builds up discipline within him. Your child learns to understand food chess and the environment.

How to quick child learns to understand: 5 effective ways to help your child learn faster.

Best high chair for baby led weaning

Why do you need a high chair? Babies do a lot of activity and they need some safe place to stay. For their essentials and safety, we will discuss them now. So, you will know how your babies will deal with it and how they will get help from these types of high chairs.

Bowls: We have to use a lot of bowls for them to feed them. So the high chair should have a place to put the bowls.

Cutleries: They do not know how to use cutleries, so they need good training. With a high chair you can teach them well.

Food makers: We also use food makers to feed our babies and need to make them habituated with these. So, food makers are also important.

Sippers: Babies spill water a lot. So, they need good sippers, when you have a high chair, sippers take place on them too.

Baby bibs: It will help you to keep babies from messing with the food. So, get a bib and wear it, then you will be happy to see that they cannot throw food and mess with their dress anymore.

So, you can have all these things done when you have a high chair for your baby.

Do you need a High Chair?

If you have a baby, for sure you need one. It helps your baby to stay in a place. Then, it will help you to control your baby properly. Not only this, but it also helps us to train the baby to have food and other things. No more messing with food, the day is over now.

Best high chair for baby
Best high chair for baby

Top 12 Best high chair for baby List

1. Century Dine On 4-in-1 High Chair

2. Evenflo 4-in-1 Convertible High Chair

3. Baby Trend Tot Spot High Chair

4. Graco Blossom 6 In 1 Convertible High Chair

5. Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

6. Graco Floor2Table 7 in 1 High Chair

7. Cosco Simple Fold High Chair

8. Baby Trend Sit Right High Chair

9. Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

10. Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair with Tray

11. INFANS High Chair for Babies & Toddlers

12. Ingenuity SmartClean Trio Elite Baby Chair

We have reviewed each of the products listed above periodically. A closer look at these reviews will surely find you the best high chair for the baby for your child. If you notice any errors or omissions in this review, be sure to leave your comments in the comments. We will consider those. This blog has TOP 10 CHAIR TABLE SET REVIEWS.

1. Century Dine On 4-in-1 High Chair

Century Dine On 4-in-1 High Chair। As the baby grows up, it can be converted into four types of chairs and used. That’s why it’s useful to use over time. In phases, it can be used by converting it into a baby’s high chair, tot booster, baby stool, and large baby chair.

The fabric used in it is made of recycled material. It has tray inserts attached as a plate. Its seats can be easily kept clean. Trays can be removed with one hand. The chair is capable of carrying a maximum weight of 40 pounds.

Best high chair for baby
Best high chair for baby
BrandColorMaterialItem WeightBatteries required
CenturyMetro‎Polyester17.11 PoundsNo
About this item:
  • Dishwasher-safe tray.
  • Fabrics made with recycled materials.
  • 2 front wheels.
  • It’s 28.8 x 16.7 x 11 inches in size.
  • Padded seat with head support.
  • Washable seat pad.
  • Comfy footrest.
  • Growing Up Happens
  • Smash Cake Approved
  • Dishwasher-Safe Tray Insert
  • Can’t be folded
Opinion: This chair has been prepared with high quality and high thinking. Which is useful for use over time. A chair can be converted into four types of chairs and used. Which is convenient for all. Food can be supplied to children through the tray involved.

2. Evenflo 4-in-1 Convertible High Chair

Convertible chair Evenflow 4-in-1 eat and grow chair for Small sweethearts. It can initially be used as an infant high chair. Also baby dining chair and tray, then toddler stand-alone chair. And the latest big kids table and chair.

It can be used in these four ways. It is best for children aged 6 months. And can take 50 pounds of weight. It has smoke seat pads by machine and has 5 points of security harness.

Best high chair for baby
Best high chair for baby
BrandColorMaterialItem WeightBatteries required
EvenfloPrism Triangles‎Polyester11.6 PoundsNo
About this item:
  • 5 point safety harness.
  • Soft padded seat.
  • It’s dimensions 24 x 21.75 x 37 inches.
  • Machine Washable Seat Pad
  • Usage from approximately age 6 months up to 50 lbs.
  • Convertible high chair.
  • Easily portable.
  • 4 Stages of use as your child grows
  • From age 4 months up to 5 years.
  • For kiddos up to 50 lb (18 kg)
  • No wheel attach to it.
Opinion: Small children can be placed and fed with security using the chair. Can be used for use as you get older.

3. Baby Trend Tot Spot High Chair

The baby trend to spot 3-in-1 high chairs which are perfect for your growing baby. This will allow you to sit safely and eat your baby’s food. There are three types of convenient modes. The chair can be folded to store.

This contains adjustable 5 points security harness. It contains a safe removable tray of dishwashers. 3 Location seat recline and one-handed operated tray attached. 6 locations can adjust the height. It offers you to have a baby weighing up to 40 pounds.

Best high chair for baby
Best high chair for baby
BrandColorMaterialItem WeightBatteries Required
Baby TrendBluebellPadded cover15.84 PoundsNo
About this item:
  • 6 position height adjustment
  • 3 position seat recline
  • 3 position one-hand operated tray
  • Dishwasher-safe removable tray insert
  • Reversible body insert and padded harness covers
  • Adjustable 5-point safety harness
  • Compact fold for storage
  • 2-recline options.
  • It’s ‎33 x 22.75 x 42.5 inches in size.
  • Foldable and portable.
  • Safety harness.
  • Carry is Easy Process.
  • Not suitable for school children.
  • Have not wheel
Opinion: The children may lean on the chair and stay comfortable. The chair can insert the opposite body and has padded shoe covers. Folds compact to store.

4. Graco Blossom 6 In 1 Convertible High Chair

which provides infant body support. This chair can be used by changing the size as needed as the baby gets older. This innovative chair can create a place for two kids to sit at the same time. There are 6-height positions and three tilted levels. In line with which the child can be fed food. One hand has removable trays and safe dishwashers. A removable seat back insert helps to keep the child on the table.

Best high chair for baby
Best high chair for baby
BrandColorMaterialItem WeightBatteries Required
GracoStudioPlastic16.87 KilogramsNo

About this item:

  • Highchair recommended for children up to 40 lb
  • Toddler Booster & Youth chair recommended for children up to 60 lb
  • Wipe clean; machine washable seat pad
  • Dishwasher safe tray insert
  • Use the highchair and toddler booster
  • Use the infant booster and youth stool
  • Use the toddler booster and youth stool
  • Easy cleanup and comfort.
  • Front locking wheels.
  • Removable seat insert.
  • 6 height adjustments.
  • A premium leatherette seat pad.
  • 3-position adjustable footrest.
  • Dishwasher safe tray insert.
  • Not foldable.
Opinion: This high chair instructs to keep a child weighing a maximum of 40 pounds. The booster seat can easily strap on another chair to make room for the older child to sit. Toddler boosters and youth chairs can keep babies weighing up to 60 pounds. Surely it will be able to the best high chair for baby.

5. Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

Dining chair with easy cleanup features fisher-price space saver high chair. Children weighing a maximum of 50 pounds can be seated in this chair. There are 3 recall positions, 2 height positions, and 4 stomach adjustment facilities. So it is useful to use as your baby grows up.

The dishwasher has safe seats, tray inserts, and easily cleanable seat pads. There are different places at the back and five points of harness to store trays. It fits into different dining and restaurant chairs.

Best high chair for baby
Best high chair for baby
BrandColorHarness typeItem WeightBatteries Required
Fisher-PriceClimbing Leaves5 pt4.47 PoundsNo

About this item:

  • 4 tummy adjustments.
  • Deep dishwasher-safe tray.
  • 3 recline position.
  • It’s 14.38 x 11.38 x 21.13 inches in size.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Convertible Chair.
  • food-containing benefits of a full high chair in half the space.
  • Better than the average phonebook
  • Not foldable.
Opinion: Portable made it fits all chairs. Children can be reclined as they are made of a soft cloth. Children can also easily eat while sitting on it.

6. Graco Floor2Table 7 in 1 High Chair

The state-of-the-art Graco Floor2Table 7 in 1 high chair allows the child to cross the table chair steps of the older children from the floor seat in phases. The infant can first use the infant floor seat during play and feeding.

High chair with foam seatback for easy cleaning with 3 positions reline for the baby’s comfort after he grows up. The baby can then be placed with the dining room chair through an infant booster. Helps the growing child to take his seat. A snack-sized small tray and a large full-size tray are attached.

Best high chair for baby
Best high chair for baby
BrandColorMaterialItem WeightBatteries Required
GracoOskarFoam19.18 PoundsNo

About this item:

  • 7 growing stages.
  • 3-position recline.
  • Infant floor seat.
  • 2 trays for meals and snacks.
  • Removable and portable material.
  • Easy to clean.
  • 1-hand removable tray.
  • Infant Floor Seat
  • Seats 2 for Playtime
  • Seats 2 for Mealtime
  • 2 Trays for Meals and Snacks
  • Non-adjustable seat height.
Opinion: This chair can be used in 7 steps. It is stain-resistant and has a clean foam seatback for easy washing wipes. The chair can be used in both ways during meals and play.

7. Cosco Simple Fold High Chair

Cosco chair easily folded chair with 3-position tray. The chair is made of soft and durable fabric stalks to have a baby weighing 50 pounds. Its fabrics can be easily kept clean. It can be easily carried in terms of commuting to different places.

It has the opportunity to sit and eat or play with marble and small balls. Strong legs and 3 point safety harness keep children safe. Young children can sit or sleep comfortably in it.

Best high chair for baby
Best high chair for baby
BrandColorTarget genderItem WeightBatteries Required
CoscoElephant SquaresUnisex13.32 PoundsNo

About this item:

  • Rated for children up to 50 pounds
  • Folds flat and stands on its own, making it easy to hide away
  • Compact fold great for taking on the go
  • No-nonsense design, sets up in just seconds
  • Easy-wipe seat makes all that baby goo simple to clean
  • Easy to clean.
  • Can assemble just a second.
  • Foldable and easy to store.
  • Durable and soft fabric.
  • Easy-wipe seat.
  • 3-position tray.
  • It’s 25.3 x 18.3 x 6.1 inches in size.
  • Not suitable for a school child.
Opinion: It can be folded and placed on the stand and easily stored in a small space. It can be set up in just a few seconds. Easy-wipe seats help keep it clean easily.

8. Baby Trend Sit Right High Chair

Baby trend sitting right high chair applies to young children who can sit upright on their own. The chair has 6 compatible heights and three recline combinations. The dishwasher involved is rich in three safe positions and can be handled with one hand.

3 points with security harness added. The chair with a freestanding fold made of a compact steel frame can carry a maximum weight of 40 pounds safely. It can be the best high chair for a baby.

Best high chair for baby
Best high chair for baby
BrandColorMaterialItem WeightBatteries Required
Baby TrendBobbleheadsAlloy Steel17 PoundsNo

About this item:

  • 3 position seat recline
  • 6 position height adjustment
  • 3 position one hand operated tray
  • Dishwasher safe removable tray insert
  • 3-point safety harness
  • Easy wipe-clean seat pad
  • Compact free-standing fold
  • 6 position height adjustment.
  • Easily foldable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Multiple-use.
  • The safety buckle is not good
Opinion: Baby Trend High Chair is easy to use. It can be folded and placed on the stand. Children can sit comfortably in its soft cloth. It is very easy to clean clothes.

9. Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

Transferable high chair Fisher-Price SpaceSaver high chair, which fits easily with any dining table chair. Its seat pads can be easily washed and kept clean by machines.

Young children can eat easily as there is a deep-dish tray. There is storage to put trays behind the seats. It has 5 points of harness. You will get a lot of benefits through the same chair. Infant high chairs and toddler boosters together offer benefits. This includes two height adjustments and three reline positions.

Best high chair for baby
Best high chair for baby
BrandColorMaterialItem WeightBatteries Required
Fisher-PriceYellow/Blue/RedPlastic & Fabric8 PoundsNo

About this item:

  • 2 height adjustments.
  • 3 recline positions.
  • Deep, extra-large tray.
  • Convenient tray storage.
  • Dishwasher-safe seat, tray & bonus tray insert for easy cleanup
  • Convenient tray storage behind the seat
  • Fits on most dining & restaurant chairs
  • Very lightweight.
  • Machine-washable seat pad.
  • Portable seat.
  • Big comfort, compact size
  • Fits on most dining
  • Have not a folding system
Opinion: The high-altitude chair builds children's confidence. So you can easily sit and eat sports or food. Children weighing a maximum of 50 pounds can be seated in this chair.

10. Abiie Beyond wooden high chair for baby

Abiie beyond wooden high chair with Tray. This chair applies to the use of your young children and Toddlers children. Made of natural wood and black cushions, the chair can accommodate a maximum of 250 weight children. For children of different ages, the height of this chair can be adjusted and placed.

Can be converted into an instant chair for sitting. Children can be kept comfortable and safe as they have 5 points or 3 points of harness facility. The chair can be kept clean easily. A wet cloth can be wiped and cleaned easily. The cushion used in it is water-resistant so does not absorb water.

Best high chair for baby
Best high chair for baby
BrandColorMaterialItem WeightBatteries Required
AbiieNatural Wood – Black CushionWood17 PoundsNo

About this item:

  • 5 or 3 point harness.
  • Waterproof soft cushion.
  • ‎Dishwasher safe tray cover.
  • Dual restraint systems.
  • Quick adjust.
  • Durable & sturdy.
  • Modern & compact.
  • Plywood
Opinion: This chair has been prepared in line with various heights. There is a one-handed tray cover dishwasher facility associated with it. It can be easily kept clean and is resistant to high heat and pressure.

11. INFANS High Chair for Babies & Toddlers

Foldable and adjustable high chair INFANS high chair for babies & toddlers at various heights. 5 adjustable locations can be created in its backrest which is ideal for a child. There are three layers of the footrest to keep pace with the baby’s body.

Food can be served to the child through the trays attached to it and kept open if not necessary. This chair can be folded and stored in a small space and has two wheels behind it through which the child can be transferred.

Children can be fed, lulled, and played in this chair till the age of five. Its parts can be cut off and cleaned easily. And the PU skin cushion added to it is waterproof so it can be easily cleaned with a cloth.

Best high chair for baby
Best high chair for baby
BrandColorMaterialItem WeightBatteries Required
INFANSBlackPP + Iron + PU Leather (seat cushion)22.9 PoundsNo

About this item:

  • Net Weight: 18.5lbs
  • Gross Weight: 23lbs
  • Suitable Ages: 0 to 5 years
  • Max Weight Capacity: 50lbs
  • Oversize of tray: 52 x 31 (L x W)
  • Folding Size: 54 x 27x 85 (L x W x H)
  • Overall size: 54 x 75x 105 (L x W x H)
  • Materials: PP + Iron + PU Leather (seat cushion)
  • Foldable and portable.
  • Height adjustable.
  • Waterproof materials.
  • 5-point safety harness.
  • Waterproof soft cushion.
  • ‎Detachable trays.
  • Built-in rear wheels.
  • Have nothing issues
Opinion: The chair will provide all kinds of facilities for your child. Children can be put to sleep by tilting back. Food and sports work can be done. Clean can be kept clean easily. Children can stay safe as they have a security belt.

12. Ingenuity SmartClean Trio Elite Baby Chair

Ingenuity smart clean trio elite 3-in-1 convertible baby chair. The chair can be used in the Toddler chair and dining booster seat. Normal big chairs can work like this. It is made in a way that can be easily washed and cleaned.

Its harness security system plays an important role. Soft seats and leg rest cause comfort to children. Children with chairs can be taken anywhere with the help of wheels. You can use this chair to keep children weighing a maximum of 50 pounds.

Best high chair for baby
BrandColorMaterialItem WeightBatteries Required
IngenuitySlateMetal10.25 PoundsNo

About this item:

  • Wipeable and washable design for easier cleaning
  • Convert high chair to booster to toddler seat
  • Harness keeps little one secure
  • Soft seat and foot rest add more comfort
  • Easy to move around kitchen with 360° wheels
  • 5-point safety harness.
  • Dishwasher safe tray.
  • 4 tray positions.
  • It’s 34.5 x 21.5 x 43.5 inches in size.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • Can use two seat at the same time.
  • Not foldable.
Opinion: Made of metal, plastic, and foam, this chair helps children sit comfortably. You can eat food or sit in it and play sports. One of its advantages is to keep two children seated at the same time.

When do you need a High Chair?

It is tough to manage a baby when he is on loose, he will throw bottles and food everywhere. Training a baby is more complicated than others, so when you have a high chair then it is easy for his proper feeding, nursing, or bottle-feeding.

So, a high chair can give you this kind of support for your baby to train. Babies from 6 months to 3 years are easily trainable with a high chair.

How we can choose the best high chair

It is not easy to tell. For this we will share our knowledge and the recent study done with the families and they have shared their experiences with us. So, we have accommodated all this information and used the statistics.

We will start with the information about the chair types and then will move ahead slowly.

Types of high chairs

We will find different types of high chairs around us, but not all of them are perfect. It is just a matter of choice to select the right one technically.

Wooden high Chair

It looks traditional but from the finishing to fitness, it is the best choice. It also comes in durable, foldable, and adjusting height features.

Plastic / Metal Frame high Chair

These are with modern high chairs, lightweight, and easy to clean. Everybody will love it. There are some unique features that also make it awesome such as the low cost and easy-to-move features.

Portable clip-on high chair

These are leg-free chairs that you can put on any table or any counter. These chairs come with seat belts to keep our babies safe. You can use it while moving to someplace or anywhere. This chair has not a baby high chair Amazon.

Full-featured high chair

These are chairs that can be used for any kind of purpose, such as the high chair, swing, car seat, and others. These come with adjustable seats, bells, and whistles. So, you can use it on a table, caster or other places.

Booster feeding chair

It is an awesome design that does not take any extra space. It comes with a strap to hold your baby as you can feed him properly, also you can carry it anywhere.

Convertible high chair

These are perfect for toddlers and made with plastic or metal frames. These models are very common and generally used with dining tables. You can choose from these variations.

Choose the best high chair

It is very tricky; if you can do that with our guide then you have done a great job. You have to choose a high chair that suits your demand. Here from the design to budget, everything matters.

Best high chair for baby

Choose depending on the space you have

Do not buy a chair that suits your space. If you have the best baby high chair for small spaces and buy a large chair, you will fall into trouble. Also, you can use these chairs with your dining table.

For how much time do you need the chair

If you need it for 6 months, buy a low-cost one. If you plan to use it for 2-3 years then go for a good quality chair that will give you longer service.

Easy to clean chairs

Look at the designs, here you will find it easy to clean some of them. Do not take one with a complex design and lose a lot of time on that. Easy design and less effort to clean is the best thing here.

Which type of Tray you like

You choose a tray that is removable or adjustable. In this way, you can clean them and remove them as required. Always look at your comfort here.

How easily you can carry it

You can look at the portability of the chair. You can fold it, move it from one place to another, and it’s easy to clean. All these things make one chair perfect for you.


Do not buy anything that is not comfortable for your baby. It should be soft, easy to clean, portable, and safe. Then at the end of the day, the chair is good for your kid.

Follow your style

Design and price do not matter at all. You will buy one that has good features, as we have discussed all these to make your decision what type of chair you need actually.

Some easy tips to use High Chair

Do not leave your baby on a high chair, take some safety precautions too. He will be safe and sound the whole time when he is on the chair. Let’s know the tips:

  • Do not leave the baby alone on the chair. Keep him strapped or stay beside him.
  • Strap the baby well, if he starts to jump the chair will fall down and he will be injured.
  • Keep the chair away from any table or edgy things.
  • Check the chair is stable, or it may go upside down.
  • If the chair has a wheel, then keep it locked.
  • If you fold or unfold it, be careful that the baby does not get hurt.

How would you choose a High Chair: Buying Guide

Are you facing a problem feeding your baby at your table or is he moving around with the food in your room? Then you need a high chair, but how would you choose it? You may get confused about different brands, but we will here discuss the criteria you should check and pick the right one.


Check the quality and try to guess how long it will last. If that does not last for 6 months or more then it is not worth it at all. So, find a durable chair for your baby.


Do not go for a high chair that takes a lot of space, you get one that comes with a foldable feature. It will not only save space but also is easy to carry somewhere.


Is it a high chair convertible? Actually, you will need it for 6 months to 9 months, then what will you do? Then you cannot throw it away, you have to convert it. If you can use it as a normal chair or use it for another purpose then it is ok to have one.


When you get a chair for your baby, be sure that it is fully safe. Check the lock works as the baby does not fall down from it. Also, the stability should be good to keep your baby in the chair.

These are the common factors you have to check in your high chair that you are looking for your baby. If you are able to buy a good one, it will give you better feedback and other things.

Utilize all this information and get the right high chair. Best high chair for baby with down syndrome with best Graco high chair. 7 Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe in a High Chair.

Which brand of the high chair is best?

This blog reviews every brand of the chair. You can buy the product of the brand that you like. The chairs are well presented in every aspect, hopefully, it will be helpful to find a good brand of chairs.

What age should babysit in the high chair?

We have basically reviewed the chairs for children from three to five years in this blog. Hopefully, the chairs in this blog are very useful for your child if he is between the ages of three and five. And how to use and where to get everything is presented in a very good way.

What chair is best for a baby?

The chair has a folding system and a safety belt with all the very soft ones. Chairs are suitable for use with your baby.

Can a 6-month-old sit in a high chair?

6-month-old babies can’t walk or eat, they have to get used to it. And these chairs are very useful for this. They need to be seated.


We have tried to review twelve lalo high chair periodic. Hopefully, you will find all the features of every chair in this block. If you have any further information, please let us know in the comments and we will try to connect with them.

Of course, when buying a chair, you must understand and look at everything at your own risk and then buy it. We will not be responsible for any problems that may arise after purchase. We do only product reviews. Hope you find something better.

If you want to know more about dining table reviews then the following blog is for you. Top 10 Best Dining table set 6 seater Review.

If you have any problems with this blog, you can contact us at support and tell us about your problem. We will try our best to help you in any way we can.

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